Activating & Connecting to Universal Love

Hosted by Rosemary Lyran
February 28th
7-8:00pm PST 








Activate and deepen your connection with universal love in this monthly heart healing experience hosted by Rosemary Lyran (@rosemary.lyran) of Lots of Love Club!

This potent experience focuses on activating a deep rooted connection to your heart through elevated intention setting, expanding your energy centers and opening to channeled sound. A crystal grid will be created to amplify the energy of universal love and integration is included after our experience.

Our intention is always to hold a safe healing space for you to release any attachments and un-loving energies stuck in the body. By releasing these energies, you allow yourself space to welcome the expansive, beautiful love that you are here to give and receive. Join us for your monthly reset to start off your next month with a stronger, more loving foundation!

About Rosemary:
Rosemary Lyran is a heart healing practitioner whose mission is to open up millions of hearts by embodying her multidimensional being of love. As a certified Emotion Code practitioner, her energy healing expertise focuses on permanently removing emotional baggage trapped in the body. Through sharing her personal stories of her own traumas and struggles, Rosemary’s intention is to constantly empower your own unique healing journey by reminding you that if she can do it, you totally can too. ♡