The Energy of our first Full Moon of 2021 could very well have you howling at the Moon with the intensity of keeping the polarized energy balanced that it will bring to us.  More opportunity to “Do Your Work & Keep Up!”  as we say. In this special workshop, the Deep’s will lead you into ancient, sacred kriyas with unique sound currents that will generate a consolidation of balance between all that is personal and impersonal within you.

The meditation that will be the highlight of this event brings it all into perspective and activation so that you can express this balance between romance and friendship.

During this special event, you will access awareness of our creative unique, individual self-expression we utilize in our romantic relationships and how to express this independent expressive individualism within the collective Aquarian Team effort.

You will become illuminated with optimism and courage to pursue what’s in your hearts and act intuitively with your heart in conscious alignment over your headspace.

All levels, All Ages.  The Moon, RaHu Ketu and Jupiter gongs will all be featured.  Refreshments served afterward.


*Discount for members, please call or email the studio for more details*